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OUHK President Welcomes Timely Support for Self-Financing Institutes

19/01/2017 - 00:00

The President of The Open University of Hong Kong Prof. Wong Yuk-Shan today (Jan 18) welcomes the Government’s support for self-financing institutes (SFIs), saying that the measures would facilitate long-range academic planning for these institutes.


Comment on the support measures as announced by the HKSAR Chief Executive Mr CY Leung in his Policy Address, Prof. Wong said that increasing the university places under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions / Sectors (SSSDP) to 3,000 from the current quota of 1,000 per cohort and turning this pilot scheme into a regular education measure would give self-financing institutes the certainty and stability of funding support for academic planning to run SSSDP programmes that meet the community’s talent needs and are aligned with students’ education aspiration.


“This move also reflects the great importance the Government attaches to nurturing new kind of talents to drive Hong Kong’s economic growth through innovation and re-industrialization,” Prof. Wong said, adding that the move is far-sighted and the benefits will be long-lasting.


On the provision of $500 million in matching funds specifically for SFIs, Prof. Wong welcomes it as a timely help to encourage our philanthropists to support SFIs, who are the Cinderella compared with well-resourced government-funded universities.


“I am heartened as these measures not only provide the much needed support to SFIs but also send an important policy signal of the Government’s growing recognition of the pivotal role that SFIs play in the higher education sector.”


“These measures also present an important message to the whole of Hong Kong that SFIs serve a public policy mission in educating our young and in meeting Hong Kong’s diverse talent needs just as government-funded universities do,” Prof. Wong said.