Prof. Richard Wong on ‘An Economic Framework for Analysing Issues in Education’
9 March, 2017 - 01:50

Professor Richard Wong, Professor of Economics, Philip Wong Kennedy Wong Professor in Political Economy, and formerly Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Hong Kong, will give a distinguished lecture under the Great Speakers Series on 24 Mar (Fri). He will analyse issues in education using an economic framework.


Professor Wong is active in advancing research on economic policy studies in Hong Kong and China through his work as founding Director of the Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research since 1987. He writes a weekly political economy column for the Hong Kong Economic Journal and South China Morning Post.


Although trained as a labour economist, Professor Wong’s main research interest now is in the political economy of public policy. His current research focuses are property and housing in Hong Kong and on the origins of deep contradictions in Hong Kong. His recently published books include:《香港深層次矛盾》,《香港長遠房屋策略和港人港地》, 《香港奇跡已經幻滅?》, Diversity and Occasional Anarchy: On Deep Economic and Social Contradictions in Hong Kong, 《芝大經濟學派與市場社會秩序》, Hong Kong Land for Hong Kong People: Fixing the Failures of Our Housing Policy, 《面對不均再創奇蹟》, Fixing Inequality in Hong Kong.


Entitled ‘An Economic Framework for Analysing Issues in Education’, the lecture will be held at 5 pm on 24 Mar (Fri) at the OUHK Jockey Club Campus, and will be conducted in Cantonese. Interested parties please register now. 


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